Opening of Shoe Factory ‘Bema’ in Trebinje Possible in 2014

bemaThe biggest production company in the RS ‘Bema’ from Banja Luka could be open by as early as next year, said the Director of the company.

In an interview for ‘Nezavisne Novine’, Director Marinko Umićević said that they never gave up on the idea of opening a facility in Trebinje, and that the current government in Trebinje offered favorable conditions for the opening of the plant, stated on the officialal website of the city of Trebinje.

‘’The option to invest in Trebinje continues to remain open. There we received a very special offer, one of the best that a city has offered us. However, the RS government decided to enter Herzegovina through a public company ‘Nikola Tesla’ through work on its textile programs. Thus, we have postponed the job a bit, but we have not given up. Why? Because this city has 900 employees of ‘Novoteksa’ that knows how to save, and that is a huge advantage. Our plan is to open in Trebinje next year facilities where at least 50 people will work’’, said Umićević for “Nezavisne”.

He added that now the plans for the facility to create its own brand are real, which will be recognized by its modern design, as well as to expand its market in the country, but aslo to foreign countries. According to Umićević, this means the possibility to employ people in the newly-opened facilities.

‘’This is why we will get into the process of the production of shoes so that the ‘cream’ of this production would remain in the country, rather than pulled out of it, which is today’s practice’’, said the Director of ‘Beme’.

‘Beme’ currently employs 1.250 people, and by the end of next year plans to employ 250 more qualified people.

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