Opening of Exhibition of Slovenian Artist Jure Cekuta at B&H Art Gallery

jurecekutaThere will be an exhibition tonight at the B&H Art Gallery at 19:00 called ‘The Apples of Sarajevo’ by Slovenian artist Jure Cekuta.

Jure Cekuta was born in 1952 in Celje, Slovenia, where he completed secondary technical school and then graduated from the Technical University in Maribor. He began his art education at the University of Arts and Humanities in Hawaii, USA, and in 2007 he graduated from wall painting at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. In 2002 he was one of the candidates for the President of Slovenia.

So far, he has had over 200 solo exhibitions throughout the world. He also participate in a number of collective exhibitions in Slovenia. He exhibited at many art symposiums and colonies in Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Germany, Spain, USA, Austria and B&H. In the last few years, he has been enjoying a great reputation outside of Slovenia. His works are recognized in Europe and in the USA. In Florida, he has a studio that is visited by many politicians, actors and athletes. He also has a private gallery in his hometown Celje and in other countries.

The occasion for this exhibition is a huge desire of the artist to present their works to the B&H art public and to the city of Sarajevo, a city that he loves. He will give one of his works to the collection of the B&H Art Gallery.

20 years ago, during the war in B&H, this famous artist, together with the late former President of Slovenia Janez Drnovšek and the then B&H politician Bogić Bogićević organized a charity sales exhibition where 150.000 BAM were collected for B&H refugees in the humanitarian action called ‘Humane Tomorrow’. The patron was President Drnovšek, and the money was given to B&H refugees who were in Ljubljana at the time. Soon afterwards, our country invited Cekuta to come to Sarajevo in order to be declared an honorary citizen of this city. Cekuta always stressed that the humanitarian action in Celje was just his moral act to help B&H, which has always been his great love.

The organizers of this exhibition are the Sarajevska Tribina, City of Sarajevo and the B&H Art Gallery.

The gallery will be open for visitors until 15 December 2013 from 10:00-18:00 and entrance is free. Paintings will be up for sale.

(Source: Art Gallery B&H Sarajevo)

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