Opening of Art Colony Una

kozarska_dubica_artThe official opening of the International Art Colony Una will open today in Kozarska Dubica, which will include the participation of 20 painters from the municipality and the region.

The Tourist Organization of Kozarska Dubica announced that the art colony will last until Sunday, 11 August, and that they expect the participation of 14 painters from Croatia and the FBiH and six painters from the area of Kozarska Dubica.

In the three-day work of the colony, painters will look for inspiration in the center of Kozarska Dubica, in the town quay, river Una and the monastery Moštanica.

The official opening will take place at 14:00 in the ethno-restaurant “Čivija”, and will be attended by municipal officials, Ambassador of BIH to the United Arab Emirates Aleksandar Dragičević and delegate in the RS National Assembly Darko Banjac.

Artists will paint St. Sava street today starting at 16:00 and the city quay. The art colony will be on the banks of the river Una tomorrow, while the monastery Moštanica, which exists since the 16th century, will serve as inspiration for Sunday, 11 August.

The paintings that will be done during the international art colony Una will be given as a gift to municipality Kozarska Dubica and presented to the public at an exhibition.

Organizers of the art colony are municipality Kozarska Dubica and the Tourist Organization of this municipality.

(Source: Nezavisne Novine)

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