Opening of the Memorial Center in Rudo today

Memorijalni centar Rudo balansonline.baMemorial Center in Rudo, built in memory of the 103 killed innocent civilians from this area who were forever taken from their homes in 1992, will be opened today.

The memorial plaque of this center, which is the main part of the complex, shows the names of all killed and missing Bosniaks from Rudo. So far, remains of one half of the killed residents of Rudo have been found in several mass graves around Rudo. Other remains are still being searched for.

“The complex is important because of the memory of the killed Bosniaks, but also because it represents a warning for those who perform evil acts that justice is slow, but attainable,” stated the President of Majlis of Islamic Community of Rudo Mustafa Bašić.

Opening of the Memorial Center will be marked with prayers and addressing speeches of religious officials of the Islamic Community.

Family and friends of the killed residents of Rudo will throw roses into the Lim River, for their beloved ones.

Organizers invite the families of the killed and other citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to attend the opening ceremony of the Memorial Center in Rudo.

(Source: klix.ba/photo: balansonline.ba)

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