Open Air Silent Disco

gluhi_disko_bkcSilent disco is returning in a new light. All those who enjoyed the silent disco parties that were held for the past few years in Art Kino Kriterion will now have the chance to enjoy dancing out in the open during the Sarajevo summer nights.

From now, silent disco will be held in the courtyard of the Bosnian Cultural Center (street Branilaca Sarajeva 24), and in addition to the open air nights, there will be live disco along with music from the sound system, which will be held in parallel on the premises of the Bosnian Cultural Center premises.

Silent disco is the name for a party in which people listen to music through wireless headphones. Instead of speakers, sound is sent through FM transmitters to wireless headphones. Silent disco is popular at music festivals because it allows the partie to go on into the early morning hours.

Silent disco will take place on Friday, 5 July at the Bosnian Cultural Center.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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