“Open-air Library” with Free Books opened in Centre of Sarajevo


“Open-air library” is a project of Centar Sarajevo Municipality, presented on Tuesday by the Mayor of that municipality, Nedzad Ajnadzic with the Mayor of the Municipal Council Mustafa Mulic in the Great Park near the popular “Hippy Bench” and councilors Lamija Tiro, Samir Fazlic and Velija Katica. This is a project aimed at popularizing reading books, which will be handed over for free to fellow citizens.

The books were procured by the Municipality of Centar, while the initiative itself was made by councilors Fazlic and Tiro. The project was implemented by the Investment, Communal Development and Planning Department of Centar Municipality.

Alma Isanovic-Varunek, who led the project on behalf of the Center’s Center for Urbanism and Environmental Protection, said there is an initiative to have such projects implemented at other locations throughout the municipality, and one of them is around the Alta Shopping Center at St. Mary’s Court. Igor Ostovic, a restorer and furniture maker, was financially responsible for creating the book space and arranging the seating bench.

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