Online Platform for Engagement of young People in the decision-making Process launched

UNICEF Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina launched the “U-Report BiH”, online platform used in forty countries around the world in order to support the engagement and colaboration of young people in the decision-making process.

Students Ajla Šišić, Selma Pljevljak and Nikola Goljanin headed the ceremony in Sarajevo and Edna Šunjić, the Inclusion Champion, set the first poll in motion.

Geeta Narayan, UNICEF Representative, uderlined the importance of participation in such a project, especially for youth. „U-Report will enable adolescents, young people and people of this country to express their opinions on subjects that concern them, as well as to gain an insight into their peers’ opinions. This will enable political, non-governmental, economy subjects to make informed decisions, because this platform will provide results in real-time.“

Created by UNICEF, U-Report includes real-time filling out  the questionnaires as one of its key functions. U-Report poll will make possible for the entire country to view results down to the municipal level, providing quick and easy comparative analysis in order to identify challenges and problems shared in the presence of young people.

Representatives of government institutions, civil society, media, youth groups and other institutions were present at the event.

Ajla, Selma and Nikola invited all the government institutions, youth organizations and organizations working on youth issues to join the U-Report and to feel free to propose the poll they would like to make and implement. They also emphasised that the U-Report is the platform for all of us and want it to be used by as many people as possible.

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