One Thousand Health Workers protested in Sarajevo


One thousand health workers protested in front of the Government of Canton Sarajevo.

“The authorities did not understand the essence of the problem, we have been striking since 2017. The authorities are stealing time and saving money. Now we have the same situation. From February to the present they have not found a way to agree. If they wanted to solve, they would have solved the issues. We will continue our fight , we do not trust them that there is no money, “said Kemal Delihasanovic, a member of the negotiation team.

He adds that they are looking for a bare minimum.

“We want to put everything under one umbrella union. Patients are suffering, this is the hardest thing for us. We will respond to the most important patients,” Delihasanovic said.

The Canton Sarajevo Education Union also joined the protest of health workers.

The meeting was addressed by Edo Selimic, President of the Union of Healthcare Workers of Sarajevo Canton, who apologized to patients for the whole situation.

As announced, the employees of the Public Health Center of Canton Sarajevo stayed in fro t of the CS Government until 14:00 o’clock on Monday, News Agency Patria reports.

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