One Person is killed on the Roads of Bosnia and Herzegovina every day


Students of the Faculty of Transport and Communications in Sarajevo and members of the Association of Transport and Communications Engineers in Bosnia and Herzegovina marked the World Road Remembrance Day for victims of road traffic with an appropriate campaign, Federal News Agency reports.

The action, organized in one of the central city squares in front of the BBI Center in Sarajevo, raised alarming indications of the number of deaths in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and urged the authorities to take measures to improve traffic infrastructure and the strategic response of the society to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

Association president Osman Lindov told reporters that an average of one person is killed on the roads of BiH every day. Lindov expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Association to the medical staff, firefighters and members of several other services that seek to assist the affected road users.

“World Road Victims Remembrance Day is dedicated to remembering the deaths of millions around the world and expressing sympathy for the victims’ families. It has been celebrated for 25 years around the world, and in 2005 the United Nations adopted a resolution calling for it to be commemorated on the third Sunday of November,” campaign organizers said.

According to statistics, 36,672 traffic accidents were recorded on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s roads in the past year. A total of 277 people were killed and 10,403 more seriously injured. The goal of the campaign was to halve the number of dead and injured people on the roads.


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