One person infected with Brucellosis in BiH

One person has been infected with brucellosis on Monday in Botun, Canton 10, some 190 km west from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) capital Sarajevo, federal news agency Fena reported.

Directorate for Inspection Affairs of Canton 10 received an official certificate from Kupres Health Centre that one person was infected with brucellosis, head of Directorate for Inspection Affairs, Dubravko Kovacevic, confirmed to Fena.

“Brucellosis is transmitted by contact with the infected animal and by consuming raw unpasteurised milk or dairy products,” Kovacevic explained.

In 2017, there were 102 cattle and 80 sheep infected by brucellosis in the Kupres area, Canton 10.

Brucellosis cannot be transferred from person to person, and the symptoms are most similar to the flu. Patients have fever, they complain of fatigue, headache, pain in bones and joints, and often a symptom is profuse sweating.

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