One Person charged of Criminal Offence of Tax Evasion


The indictee Muhamed Šehović (1969) from Tuzla is charged as responsible person of the company ‘Vis Legis’ d.o.o. /LLC/ Tuzla for evading VAT in the amount of 71,512.09 BAM.

A prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH filed an indictment against Muhamed Šehović, born on 10 March 1969 in Tuzla.

The indictee is charged that in 2015 he, as a responsible person in the company ‘Vis Legis” d.o.o. /LLC/ Tuzla, failed to report the generated taxable income in the amount of 420,659.38 BAM, record the income through business books or report it to ITA BiH.

The Accused is charged with not having properly and lawfully calculated, reported and paid tax liabilities, as well as with not having properly and lawfully performed the stocktaking, and with having calculated VAT on reduced assets.

In the aforementioned way, the indictee evaded VAT in the total amount of 71,512.09 BAM, by which amount he inflicted damage to the budget and citizens of BiH and acquired unlawful property gain for himself.

The indictee is charged with having committed the criminal offence of Tax Evasion in violation of Article 210 of the BiH Criminal Code. The indictment was forwarded to the Court of BiH for confirmation.


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