One of the World’s most luxurious Planes landed at the Mostar Airport

One of the most luxurious planes in the world, the attractive black Boeing 757, landed at the Mostar Airport on Monday. This plane is considered as a luxury hotel with wings and it belongs to the company TCS World Travel from the US, which is specialized in private and luxury trips.

This luxury plain brought about sixty businessmen that are traveling through the Balkan countries, and they came to Mostar from Ljubljana. Their host was the travel agency Fortuna Tours from Mostar, and guests flew to their next destination after a few hours spent in Hercegovina.

The plane itself is revised version of Boeing 757, which has a total of 233 seats in its standard version. However, this luxury version is intended for 75 passengers, and its interior is arranged in accordance with the luxurious design solutions of world famous engineers in this field.

Workers of the Mostar Airport praised with this luxurious plane on the official Facebook page of this airport, and they noted that TCS organizes several different trips that are between two and four weeks long to several different destinations during the year. Each one of these trips is planned to the smallest details, and passengers can further enrich the tour with their personal wishes and requests.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba)



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