One of the oldest Churches is the Orthodox Church in Ostra Luka

The seat of the municipality is the town of Ostra Luka, located between Prijedor (17 km away) and Sanski Most (15 km away), about 70 km from Banja Luka.

This area is rich in natural beauty. The Sana River, known for its clean water, beautiful shores and rich fish stocks, is suitable for summer holidays, swimming and fishing. The wellhead and Kozica river is a attractive destination for the development of rural tourism.

Among the oldest churches in the area are the Orthodox Church in Oštra Luka, which was built in 1871 in a forest between two streams and the church in Budimlić Japri. Due to the frequent destruction, they have been upgraded and refurbished several times so far. The Catholic Church in Stara Rijeka was built in 1870 and has been rebuilt several times. There are also the Orthodox Church in Koprivna, the Usorci Memorial Temple, and the construction of the Temple of Christ the Savior in Oštra Luka is underway.

Ivica Galovic/PIXSELL

“Dani na Sani” is a cultural and environmental event that promotes the preservation of the beauty and purity of the water of the Sana River and its tributaries and banks. It is carried out in the beginning of summer in all municipalities through which the Sana River flows, from its source in Mrkonjić Grad municipality, to its confluence with Una, in Novi Grad.
The Šušnjar International Literary Meetings, once held in Sanski Most, in memory of the innocent victims (5,500 Sana’a Serbs, Jews and others) killed at the beginning of World War II, are now held every year in late July or early August in Ostra Luka and are one of the most visited manifestations of its kind in Republika Srpska.
Every year, new works are dedicated to preserving the tradition of this region, and the Pismo Podgrmeča and Šušnjar awards have been given to the greatest poetic names so far, both world and poet of this region.

However, a special tourist attraction of this municipality is the traditional bullfight, called “Grmečka korida”, which takes place every year on the first Sunday of August, in Popovića hill in Oštra Luka.

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