One of the most Beautiful Waterfalls in B&H: “Skakavac“ is a Real Tourist Attraction

skakavac waterfallAt only 12 kilometers northerly from Sarajevo, there is a waterfall Skakavac, one of the biggest and the most beautiful waterfalls in B&H, which represents an important tourist attraction.

The Municipality Centar, where the waterfall Skakavac is located, recognized the importance of this tourist site and for this purpose, members of the Commission for ecology and the protection of the cultural and natural heritage and the Commission for tourism visited the mentioned side, and the delegation of the Municipality Centar was hosted by Osman Delic, director of CPI Protected locations of the Canton Sarajevo, that controls this site.

Member of the Commission for tourism, didn’t hide his satisfaction with the visit to this natural gem.

Visit to the waterfall Skakavac was targeted. Director Delic informed us about the situation in the park. We will, through the commissions of the Municipal Council and the Mayor Dzevad Becirevic try to ensure funds in order to, as soon as possible, solve the most important deficiencies of the park. Primarily, it is about a poor road infrastructure, there is a problem of the electrification, water supply network and the installment of video surveillance. A project of the construction of a platform for observing the waterfall itself dedicated primarily to children and elderly who are not able to come and see the waterfall, was presented“, emphasized Abaza.

On behalf of the Commission for ecology and the protection of the Cultural and natural heritage and the Commission for tourism, following members visited the waterfall Skakavac: Safija Porobic, Zlatan Saler, Mujo Slato, Sujeman Halilbegovic Sandi i Dzenana Cernica.


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