One of the Largest Military Aircraft in the World landed at the Sarajevo Airport (Photo)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”] Cargo plane Antonov 124 landed on Tuesday at the Sarajevo International Airport and delivered 10 cars of British troops that will participate in the military action “Quick response 2016”.

Antonov 124, the second largest and heaviest aircraft in the world, will deliver a total of 30 vehicles of the Army of the United Kingdom in Sarajevo. Cargo aircraft can carry 150 tons of equipment in itself, which enables the British Army to deliver a large amount of cargo in BiH, if BH authorities request that, as announced from EUFOR.

In the framework of the exercise “Quick response 2016”, the international forces will work closely with the Armed Forces of BiH, by combining and sharing skills and experiences that will be demonstrated during the execution of the action.

In the exercise will participate a total of 750 soldiers of the Armed Forces, EUFOR, the British army, Austria and the military units of KFOR with the Portuguese and Hungarian units.

The exercise will allow the simulation of command and control of Staff EUFOR and the units will have the opportunity to patrol, track, form convoys, evacuate and withdraw.

(Source: klix.ba)

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