One of the most known BH Poets was born 100 Years ago

Today is marked the centenary since the birth of one of the most important BH poets, Mehmedalija Mak Dizdar.

The centenary of the birth of Mak Dizdar has already been marked in Zenica, Gradacac, Mostar, Stolac, Banja Luka, Novi Pazar, Split, and even in the far Jakarta, and events in Brcko, Zagreb, Bihac and Oslo are already scheduled.

Today, the exhibition “Mak Dizdar: the First Hundred Years” and the Fragments of the monument to Mak Dizdar will be presented in the History Museum of BiH. The foundation also organized the program of Sarajevo Days of Poetry dedicated to Mak Dizdar, and the promotion of a special edition of Preporod’s Journal devoted to Mak Dizdar, and a four-day scientific conference on the topic of Mak’s life and his scientific and poetry work will take place as well.

Mak Dizdar is great, and according to many, one of the most authentic poets of the history of medieval Bosnia. He is a thinker of the European and world format, and with his works, he connects not only BiH, but also Europe and the whole world. His most important works “Kameni spavac”, “Modra rijeka” and “Stari bosanski epitafi” have a special positive metaphysics that tells us that none of us was created or born on his own. His works “Kameni spavac” and “Modra rijeka” are considered to be the most significant poetic creations of the 20th century.

A great BH writer Mesa Selimovic said the following about Dizdar: “A true poet was born, with exceptional value, with a personal expression, something his own. Mak managed to succeed in what is most difficult in poetry and that only rare people manage to do, a non-violent connection with tradition, the renewal of the old language by finding the modernity in it, and adding the thought and feelings of today’s person to the  essence of medieval recordings.”


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