One Coronavirus Positive Pakistani escaped Isolation Ward in Sarajevo

As “Dnevni Avaz” finds out, a Pakistani citizen who was infected with the coronavirus voluntarily left the Podhrastovi isolation ward in Sarajevo on June 23rd.

This information was confirmed for “Avaz” by Fahir Halilovic, director of the Cantonal Administration for Inspection Affairs in Sarajevo.

To make matter more alarming, the infected migrant then went to the migrant camp in Blazuj, and on June 26th, he was found again, in serious health condition, and returned to Podhrastovi.

As Halilovic explained to Avaz, today he issued a decision banning the movement of this Pakistani citizen and a decision on forced self-isolation, and he also informed the Canton Sarajevo Ministry of the Interior, which is responsible for controlling persons in self-isolation.

According to information from “Avaz”, this migrant was hospitalized in this institution for the first time on June 16, so he escaped on June 23. The question is how much this irresponsible migrant has infected other people.

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