On Thursday the Exhibition “Dress Your Dreams”, New Collection Fall/Winter of Ljiljana Majkić

ljiljana majkićThe exhibition “Dress your dreamswhich presents a new collection of Ljiljana Majkić Fall / Winter 2013/14 and photopresentation of past creative achievements from the collections “Walking Sculptures“, “Cinque Terre“, “Once Upon a Timewill open on 15th August in Sarajevo.

Fashion creations of Ljiljana Majkić make artistic cycles that occur at the intersection of avant-garde fashion and wearable art.

These cycles provide insight in the form of research and incorporation of elements of geometry, architecture, vegetative, subject and body.

Majkić has participated in numerous regional and international fashion shows, and her collection for autumn / winter 2012/13Cinque Terre” was presented at the Miami Beach Fashion Week and for this collection has been awarded from the Grand Prix Association of Applied Artists B&H at the annual exhibitionCollegium artisticum2012.

The exhibition will be open for 15 days, was announced from the City Gallery Collegium Artisticum.

(Source: Fena)

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