Omer Halilhodzic: Bosnian who designed Skoda Superb

The world’s public heard about Omer Halilhodzic, BH automotive designer, at the beginning of this millennium.

This Bosnian from Mostar, with his address in Mainz, became the head of the European department of Mitsubishi back then and he made “Japanese diamonds” recognizable in a short period of time.

“I gladly remember the time spent at Mitsubishi. Even though I was the first man of the European design department, I traveled to Japan quite often, where I had the opportunity to meet a completely different culture. They accepted me and let me to do whatever I wanted. After I left Mitsubishi they closed the European design center in the Netherlands, but now they are opening it again and they are calling me to take my old place again.”

“Working in Ferrari was a huge honor as well as commitment, especially at the time when the company established its own design center. I had to replace the legendary Pininfarina who was responsible for the look of Ferrari for 60 years. I was invited by Flavio Manzioni and Luca di Montezemolo gave the green light for my engagement. I participated in designing the F12berlinetta and LaFerrari models,” stated Halilhodzic.

“I am currently working for Skoda, as a freelancer. I am working on the external design, and I have worked on the current generation of Superb and the new SUV Kodiaq,” explained Halilhodzic.

“Besides Superb and Kodiaq, I participate in the design of the production version of the future electric model of Skoda. Electric models are future, a challenge for engineers as well as designers because the complete architecture of the vehicle has to be changed. The design is like a language, it is constantly changing. Whether you work in Skoda or Ferrari, you always have to show creativity. There is no regular and safe salary, but you always have to prove yourself, to ‘invent’ something new, etc.”

“Although I am a pretty busy man, I am visiting BiH with my wife and our 17-year-old son in the summer. I am trying to give my contribution whenever I can help young BH designers. BiH needs positive thinking, and people to compete in real things instead of spending their time on stupid things. Then we will be able to change our mentality as the Czechs and the Slovaks did. Skoda produces a million cars a year, and Slovakia is the first country in the world by the number of vehicles produced.”

(Source: Jasmin Mrzljak/


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