Olympic Games: BH Sportswoman delighted all with her Beauty

At the summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, many sports fans were delighted with the young swimmer Amina Kajtaz from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The social networks were full of photos of Amina that were posted by the sport fans, and some of them, because of the beauty of young girl from Mostar, decided to follow and root for the BH sportists in Rio.

It seems that Kajtaz could get a heir, if we judge by the reaction of a cameraman who followed the entry of our Olympic team during the official ceremony.

Although the flag of BiH was worn by young skier Elvedina Muzaferija, after the initial shot, Tanja Karisik-Kosarac came at the focus of one of the numerous cameras.

This will be the third participation at the Olympics for this BH Olympic player who competes in cross-country skiing and biathlon, and this time she has delighted all with her beauty.



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