Olympic Center Jahorina to invest 10.3 million BAM?

The Olympic Center Jahorina is planning to implement 10.3 million BAM worth projects, for which is planned long-term credit, as stated in the proposal of the Business Plan for 2017, on which will be decided at the Extraordinary Meeting of the Assembly of Shareholders that will be held on August 31.

As stated, the main content of the tourist infrastructure of this tourist center should be the Alpine ski resort, which is planned as a unique, connected system of ski lifts and ski slopes, which will serve customers for at least 120 days a year in the winter season, with the aim of working 365 days per year.

It is planned to cover the whole ski resort with artificial snow system, from Poljice to Praca, and therefore to achieve the maximum functionality of this ski center.

Estimated value of the construction of an artificial system of snowing is 7 million BAM, and we should also add there an accumulation of about 75,000 cubic meters of water for which is needed 1 million BAM, as well as the sufficient amount of water for artificial snowing which requires additional 700,000 BAM.

They also planned to invest in the decoration of the hotel Bistrica and the construction of summer contents, which should significantly improve the quality of services.

Investment in the amount of 400,000 BAM is planned for the construction of an adrenaline park, a zip line, and an outdoor gym.



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