Older Cars to keep coming from Germany, but they will not be cheaper

The Federal Administrative Court of Germany adopted a decision on Tuesday that cities in certain zones can ban the use of cars with diesel engines that are polluting the environment, which is why potential buyers in BiH expect cheapening of diesel cars. Car importers are sceptical about the cheapening, especially in the near future.

The decision does not mean that the ban will be implemented or that its manner is defined, but only that certain provinces and cities have the right to ban with the aim to prevent the pollution. At the moment, around 70 cities in Germany are recording values higher than those allowed by the EU.

However, the basis of this important decision in the fight against air pollution in BiH was shifted to potential prices of diesel car. BH importers believe that there will be no price reductions in the near future.

Member of the Board of the Association of Technical Inspection Cells at the Chamber of Commerce of the FBiH and mechanical engineer Jasmin Bijedic said that cars from Germany will end up in the market of BiH regardless of the decision of the court in Leipzig.

“These cars will end up in all other countries where there are no legal obstructions for their import. Cars that are couple of years old, which are still technically usable, will end up all over Europe. It is not just the issue of BiH, we are just a collateral damage. The older vehicles will come, both gasoline and diesel. They are coming to our country regardless,” stated Bijedic.

When it comes to the price reduce of these vehicles, Bijedic noted that their prices are already cheaper compared to the prices from five or six years ago.

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