Old Town Kljuc: Unused Cultural and Historical Monument

Old Town Kljuc, in a historical documents known as Kljuc on Sana was mentioned for the first time in 1322 in a property of an aristocratic family of Hrvatinic, more precisely Vukosav Hrvatinic, an uncle of a famous Herceg Hrvoje who built the royal town Jajce.

Given that the Old town Kljuc is known as the last refuge of the Bosnian king Stjepan Kotromanic under the invasion of Turks led by Sultan Mehmed el-Fatih,  so due to that “last emission“ of the Bosnian kingdom, Kljuc is called the royal town today.

“Old town Kljuc is actually consisted of three parts: the guard tower Lubica, then the entrance part-plateau, which is from an Ottoman period and is called Tabor towers, while the other part is much bugger and intertwined in the cliffs of the gorge, and dates back to 13th century, and it is actually a mediaeval town Kljuc on Sana river“, explained Fuad Alibegovic, professor of history from Kljuc.

The old town Kljuc was declared as a national monument in 1951. After the war, municipality Kljuc renovated Tabor towers, the Ottoman part of the old town,  with the Institute for maintenance of cultural and historical heritage, but the medieval town Kljuc on Sana remained intact, and is covered with dense vegetation, thick ivy and was ingrown in rocks rising vertically above today’s Kljuc.


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