Oil Prices in World Marked dropped for Two Weeks, Prices in BiH without Change

Oil prices fell sharply in the world markets last week and the week before, because the trade dispute between the United States and China increases the risk of recession, which would reduce demand for energy, and investors are also alarmed by the US threat to import duties on imports from Mexico.

In the London market, barrel prices dropped 6.1 percent to $ 64.50 last week, while in the US market the barrel cheapen 8.8 percent to $ 53.50.

Oil prices were under strong pressure at the end of last week when US President Donald Trump said that from June 10th, US will introduce 5 percent customs duties on all imports of Mexican products, and then gradually increase by 25 percent until Mexico stops migrating illegal migrants across the border.

No one expected such a move, so the investors were shocked.

Tensions have risen since the US has included Huawei on a list of companies that cannot buy components and technology from US companies without the government’s permission because of threats to national security, news portal reports.

Currently, the price of gasoline in BiH ranges from 2,26 to 2,36 BAM for one liter, and for Diesel, the price is 2,31 BAM.


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