Oil and Gas Exploration to take place in the FBiH?

oil-bihThe Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry had to announce a public tender invitation for expressions of interest for oil and gas exploration in FBiH at the end of last year, after the oil giant “Shell” gave up on the job. However, it has not happened yet.

Stipo Buljan, the Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry said that conditions for the tender have not been met.

“When the conditions are fulfilled we’re going to announce a public tender, at which are expected companies that have experience with such matters,” explained Buljan, noting that he would be happy if the announcement of public call for expression of interest for the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas in FBiH takes place within a year from the date of adoption of the Amendment to the Law.

Otherwise, oil exploration, according to government’s decision, will take place in the area of Dinarides, which includes the site near Bihac, through Dreznica, to Stolac, where, according to estimates, there are geological structures that indicate the possibility of finding economically significant deposits of oil and gas.


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