OHR to the Authorities of RS: Follow and Implement the Decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH

ohrFrom the Office of the High Representative in BiH (OHR) warned that the National Assembly of RS is violating the General Framework Agreement for Peace by their decision on holding referendum on the Day of RS from the 15th of July.

They added that the voters in the RS are asked to decide on the issue that was already solved by the Constitutional Court of BiH, whose verdicts are final and binding and entities have to implement them.

“Instead of opposing the decisions of the Court and spending significant funds on the organization of referendum, it is expected from the RS to resolve the issue through constructive dialog with other political actors. That is the best way,” as said from the OHR.

OHR once again called authorities of the RS to “follow and implement the decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH.”

To recall, the Council for Protection of Vital National Interest of the Constitutional Court of the RS decided that vital national interests of Bosniaks are not jeopardized in relation to decision on holding referendum on the Day of RS in smaller BH entity.

This means that nothing prevents the authorities in the RS to publish their decision to call a referendum in the Official Gazette of RS, which would put it into effect.

Referendum question on which the citizens of the RS will decide is following: “Do you support that the 9th of January is marked and celebrated as the Day of RS?”

(Source: Er. M./Klix.ba)

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