Official: Students in CS have the Right on an Autumn Exam Period

studentsThe Assembly of Canton Sarajevo yesterday adopted the proposal of the Authentic interpretation of Article 57, paragraph (19) of the Law on Higher Education, with which was  stipulated that, besides the winter and summer exam periods, a student has the right to an autumn exam period, which lasts for the first two weeks in September.

In this exam period, the student has the right to take exams in the way and according to conditions provided by the regulations of the higher education institution with one exam period.

University of Sarajevo is obliged to specify conditions on ways and conditions of taking the exams in that period.

The initiative was submitted by the Faculty of Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Security Studies and the Association of Council of students of this faculty, and they explained their demand by the fact that the scoring scale for teaching courses is not unified and it is not a maximum of 100 points, while the legislation allows the Faculty to determine the way and conditions of the autumn examination period.

Members of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo at the session adopted the Draft law on amendments to the Law on the film business, they also made the decision to amend the Decision on the election of chairmen, their deputies and members of the working bodies of CS, and gave consent to the Program of operation and financial plan for 2016 of the PC Healthcare Center of CS.

(Source: klix.ba)

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