Official Information: Turks to build an Airport and Golf Terrains on Vlasic Mountain

January 14, 2018 1:00 PM

“It is true, we will invest billions on Vlasic,” confirmed Dr. Ebru Guersan, the President of Turkish Heritage, which is a Turkish consortium that is planning to invest a total of 4.2 billion EUR in the construction of Eco Zone Koricani-Vlasic.

Besides the photo of the original team from Ankara and the one responsible for Balkan, they also submitted a presentation with all the investments made so far.

“I will personally come to BiH at the end of January to start the final conversations with local partners / project owners, in order to finalize main contract. After that, my team will start with the construction on the site together with contractors,” she stated.

“Yes, the Turks are coming at the end of the month,” confirmed the general manager of the project. He also reminded that the Government of the FBiH and the RS, as well as the Municipalities of Knezevo and Travnik, are also included in the project.

In the feasibility study is written an estimate of almost two billion EUR of annual revenue. This includes revenues of the clinical center, the student and retirement city, as well as the “City of Kings”, which will be constructed in stone. The tourism sector praised this project. Since Turks proposed the construction of a clinical center, roads and the airport, they are waiting for opinions of other departments in order to prepare information for the Government. They confirmed a meeting with Turks as well.

In the documentation provided by investors was stated that a Turkish-Chinese consortium is in question. They are cooperating with Chinese banks and couple of Turkish construction companies. Among others, they constructed airports in Istanbul and Pristina, and they are currently constructing a tourist complex in Azerbaijan. They are planning to build the one on Vlasic Mountain in 10 years.







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