Offers for the Selection of Contractor for the Construction of “A“ Transversal Opened

A transferzalaIn the Road Directorate of Canton Sarajevo, two days ago, opening offers for the selection of contractor for the construction of “A“ transversal, road that will qualitatively connect the Sarajevo International Airport and a part of Dobrinja with the rest of Novi Grad municipality and city of Sarajevo.

The best offer has been submitted by the company Euroasfalt, which should start with the construction of “A“ transversal after the expiry of the appeal period.

Department of Property and Legal Affairs of Novi Grad municipality Sarajevo finished expropriation for around 95% of the route of this road, including complete first section whose construction starts in this year. Deadline for the completion of “A“ transversal,  whose construction will relieve this part of Novi Grad, is three years.

Also, staking, i.e. permanent marking of the entire route of IX transversal was finished two years ago, which enabled the agreed and revised project to be transferred to the field. Thereby, lines of expropriation of land and splitting of parcels is established, which starts immediately after staking, which created conditions for the expropriation of land at the complete route of IX transversal.

“Although this is “invisible work“ except for those who are directly involved in it, a lot of time and energy has been spent in last two years in order to realize these projects. It may sound unbelievably, but financing of the project and the construction itself are the easiest part of the job compared to the preparatory stages of making documentation, design, resolving property-rights issues, harmonization with all entities related to the project (Railways, Utility companies, Ministries and other entities of planning etc.)“, said the Chief of the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo, Semir Efendic.


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