NY Times: Sarajevo among Seven Cities where it feels like Home

13242289_1181458485238439_1353997561_oThe NY Times published a story about seven European locations which can be called home. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is among them.

Sarajevo, called „the city that never forgets“, is described by the author Alex Crevar as a place which is stuck in a clash of empire and culture with its tradition.

“I see from my appartment window the main mosque, built in the 16th century, and Baščaršija, the old Ottoman bazaar. The other window overlooks the Miljacka River and the Latin Bridge, which leads to the green steeple of the Franciscan monastery and the snow-capped mountains beyond,“ Crevar introduced the readers into the story about Sarajevo.

Crevar describes the city as a combination of a city with subtlety under the radar and historical complexity.

“Here, modernity struggles against the Old World tradition. Over the last century, this tenuous balance has been tested time and again“.

Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on June 28, 1914 right bellow Crevar’s apartment. This event sparked the First World War. In the 1990s, Sarajevo was under a nearly four-year siege during the war that destroyed Yugoslavia.

Crevar testifies to present Sarajevo, its changes and inspiration with diversity and reminders of the turbulent past.

In the text which you can read here, the author described the beauties of Sarajevo from a personal point of view, as well as places which mean something special to him and which are the reason why Sarajevo is a destination that anyone can call home.

Apart from Sarajevo, on the list are Lunigiana in Italy, Paris, Istanbul, Madrid, London and Copenhagen.


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