Nurse in Gorazde spends her Vacation working with Patients in the Home for the Elderly


At a time when the Home for the Elderly in Gorazde is facing a difficult situation due to the increase in the number of people affected by coronavirus, including employees of this institution, an example of nurse Mersiha Pecikoza from the Gorazde Cantonal Hospital is encouraging, Klix.ba news portal reports.

Mersiha decided to spend her vacation volunteering at Home, helping both the elderly and the sick, half of whom are positive for coronavirus.

The brave nurse has not saved her strength since the beginning of the pandemic, she is ”on the front line” all this time and in direct contact with patients affected by coronavirus, because she was assigned to the Triage Department of the Cantonal Hospital, where all patients with coronavirus symptoms were admitted. Despite the fact that she herself had a difficult surgery a few months ago, Mersiha decided to be an example to younger colleagues and support her patients.

”I decided to help the members of the Home, and also to help the staff get trained on how to work in such circumstances. I will be here until Friday, and then I have to get tested to get back to my regular job next week because those are the rules. Of course, it is not difficult for me because this is my call and now we are most needed by our citizens”, says Mersiha.

Many remember Mersiha Pecikoza from the time of the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), because she joined the First Glorious Visegrad Brigade as a minor, after the war suddenly interrupted her education at the Secondary Medical School in Sarajevo, so she worked at the Gorazde War Hospital at the end of the war.

At the Home for the Elderly, her assistance was received with enthusiasm, because it was a unique opportunity for the staff who were additionally hired in this situation, to receive adequate training, event though two nurses and a caregiver were infected with coronavirus.

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