Nura Begovic will bury only a Hand of Her Brother, Survivor of Srebrenica Genocide

A member of the “Women of Srebrenica” Association and surviving war victim Nura Begovic, will bury the remains of brother Suljic Adil on July 11th.

She told Federal News Agency that the remains of her brother were found in Kamenica together with his clothes.

“His belongings, watch, and clothes were found. My brother was 43 years old, and behind him, two young children were left. I’ll bury my brother with one fist. I’ve never expected to find the whole body because we know how they were killed and how their mortal remains were moved from the mass grave to mass grave. Sadly, the mother died before burying the bones of her only son Adil,” his sister Nura said.

It means a lot to her that her brother will have a tombstone and that she will be able to pray for him by reciting Fatiha prayer.

“The Memorial Center for our surviving victims is a sacred place. We survive here find a sense of rest, and this place is especially important to us. We are aware that we can never find the complete bodies of our killed. We cannot even expect to find complete bodies,” says a member of the “Women of Srebrenica” Association and survived war victim Nura Begovic.

Up to 6,610 victims of genocide have been buried in the Potočari Memorial Center so far.

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