Number of Visitors to Natural Areas of Canton Sarajevo increasing?

skakavac waterfallCantonal Public Institution for the protected areas of Canton Sarajevo is very satisfied with this year’s number of visits to Trebevic, Vrelo Bosna, Bijambare and waterfall Skakavac.

Every year, as they say, the number of visitors is increasing, and tourists are coming from all over the world. This year, like every other, there was plenty visitors from BiH, as well as visitors from the Diaspora, while Arab citizens are most numerous when it comes to foreign tourists.

Strengthening and improving the tourist offer from year to year is giving the results, and it is not surprising that natural areas and resorts are recording an increasing number of visits of nature and clean air lovers.

According to professional associate for promotion and marketing of CPI for protected natural areas of CS, Mustafa Zvizdic, they do not have accurate data regarding visits to Skakavac and Trebevic, but they determine number of visitors based on assessment method, while the exact number of visits to Vrelo Bosne and Bijambare is possible to determine by the number of sold tickets.

Protected areas are financing projects and maintenance of space by revenues from tickets for Vrelo Bosne and complex of caves Bijambare, which costs 2 BAM.

On Bijambare, which is becoming more and more popular adventure destination, this year was set a figure of cave man, while a new tourist train is planned for the next tourist season.

The site of Vrelo Bosne together with Trebevic is one of the tourist symbols of Canton and the inevitable destination for both foreign and domestic visitors.

It seems that Vrelo Bosne, regardless of lack of new projects over the years due to the fact that it is a water protection zone in which is forbidden construction of new buildings, does not lose on its popularity.

Skakavac is a very popular destination since it is a 98 meter high waterfall, impressive miracle of nature, which is one of the largest in this part of the continent. Around waterfall is arranged picnic site, and it is estimated that about 1,300 tourist visit Skakavac over the weekend.

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