The Number of Unemployed in BiH decreased in August

The number of unemployed persons in BiH was decreased by 1, 221 in the month of August, in comparison to July. Of this, 1,076 persons were recorded in the RS, 78 in the FBiH and 67 in the Brcko District, according to the latest data from the Employment Agency of BiH.

According to the Agency, there were 485,088 persons on the records of the Employment Service in BiH, and as of August 31, the number of unemployed persons was lower by 1,221 in comparison to the month of July.

Of the total number of persons who are looking for a job, 262,781 or 54.17 % are women.

The highest number of people who are looking for a job are persons with a third degree of education – qualified workers, and that number on the last day of August was 158,420 or 32.66 %, then 134,383 persons with high school education or 27,70 %, and 130,730  non-qualified workers or 26.95 %.

A total of 42,626 people with high professional education, or 8.79 % was looking for a job, as well as 7,152 people with a higher professional qualification or 1.47 %.

In the month of August, a total of 18,035 people were removed from the records of employment services, of which 11,125 persons were employed.

At the same time, contracts for a total of 8,963 people were terminated, while employers reported the need for employment of 5,060 new workers in this period.

(Source: klix.ba)

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