The Number of Tourists from China considerably increased in the last 5 Years?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a host of the high-level Summit on cooperation in the field of tourism between China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, Mirko Sarovic, who will be the chairman of the summit, noted that he is hoping that this conference will bring good results and that they will find a way to keep tourists from China in BiH and the region longer than two days.

“I believe that this conference will improve tourist offers and provide more tourists from China. It is the fastest growing country in the tourism industry and BiH expects a lot in that sense, especially considering that BiH negotiated the agreement on the abolishment of visas for citizens of China and vice-versa. The fact that communication is faster and more efficient since we have more destinations that connect BiH, or this part of Europe, with China, represents a contribution to the development of tourism as well. The arrival of tourists from China has quintupled in the last five years, and almost 17.000 of them visited BiH only in 2016. However, it is a fact that they are staying only two days in BiH and this is an attempt to make them stay longer,” said Minister Sarovic.

Dozen very serious tour operators arrived with Chinese delegation and Sarovic is hoping that BH businessmen from the field of tourism will know to use that opportunity.

Du Jiang, Deputy Minister of Tourism of PR China noted that he is very pleased to have the opportunity to visit Sarajevo, which is famous world multicultural city.

“Tourist cooperation between China and countries of Central and Eastern Europe is recording growth and really amazing results in the last couple of years. The number of tourists that are visiting China, as well as countries of this region, was increased from 500.000 in 2011 to 1.25 million in 2016, which represents 1.5 times increase. We recorded such a good result thanks to intense cooperation between China and 16 countries of Central-Eastern Europe, as well as the establishment of entire series of mechanisms for that cooperation within 16+1. I am convinced in good future of tourist cooperation, as well as the success of today’s conference,” noted Jiang.

Denis Zvizdic, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, considers this conference on tourism in Sarajevo as a good prelude for Summit of Prime Ministers 16+1, which he will be attending on November 27 and 28, in Budapest.

“Cooperation in tourism is very important because it is becoming increasingly important economic branch that is developing with very positive dynamic. In comparison to the growth of tourism in the last three years, BiH is positioned among 20 countries of the world according to the largest number of tourist visits, which is a great thing,” stated Zvizdic.


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