Number of Visits to Trebevic Cable Car met Expectations

Director of PE “Sarajevo” Esad Tanovic noted that they are more than satisfied with the number of visits to the Trebevic cable car.

According to him, it is still early to present some concrete data, but they are more than satisfied for now. Tanovic also thanked all citizens of Sarajevo for their positive attitude towards the cable car.

“We had no problem, no incident, no case of vandalism so far, and everything goes in accordance with the plans,” said Tanovic.

He also added that domestic tourists make the majority of the visits, as it is expected, but they also have a significant number of foreign tourists even in the pre-season.

“We expect that percentage of foreign tourists to be much higher in the rest of the tourist season, especially by the middle of the next month,” said Tanovic.

He also stated that PE “Sarajevo” has already established cooperation with tourist workers of the city of Sarajevo and the region, and that they are communicating with them.

“We believed that we have succeeded and that the majority of tourists have information about the Trebevic cable car,” said Tanovic.

The renovated Trebevic cable car was officially put into operation on April 6, this year, on the Day of Sarajevo.


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