Number of registered Unemployed Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 421.474


In May 2020 the number of registered unemployed in Bosnia and Herzegovina amounted to 421.474.

If we take 2018 as a base year (2018 = 100) and compare May 2020 with the same month of 2019, we will notice that the number of unemployed decreased by 3,3 index points, or in absolute terms, the number of people registered as unemployed decreased by 14.789, according to BiH’s Agency for Statistics.

On May 31st this year in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there were 421,474 persons on the records of employment offices and services in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Compared to the previous month, the number of unemployed persons is higher by 1,892 persons or 0.45 percent, the Labor and Employment Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced.

Of the total number of job seekers, 240,615 or 57.09 percent are women. Compared to the same period last year, unemployment in BiH is higher by 14,789 people or 3.64 percent, news portal reports.

According to the report, the rise in unemployment was caused by reduced economic activity due to the coronavirus pandemic, and unemployment has increased by 18,586 people or 4.61 percent since the beginning of the pandemic.

Unemployment decreased in the Federation of BiH by 173 persons (0.05 percent), and increased in the Republika Srpska by 2,003 persons (2.31 percent) and in the Brcko District of BiH by 62 persons (0.91 percent).

In May, a total of 12,476 people were deleted from the records of employment services, of which 6,880 were women.

Of this number, 9,441 people are employed, of which 5,300 are women.

At the same time, 11,585 people lost their jobs, of which 5,905 were women. Employers reported the need to hire 2,506 new workers during this period.

According to the BiH Agency for Statistics, in April 2020, the number of employed persons in BiH was 808,894, of which 347,876 were women.

Compared to March 2020, the number of employed persons decreased by 2.6 percent, and the number of employed women decreased by 3.3 percent. The registered unemployment rate for April 2020 was 34.2% and compared to March 2020 it decreased by 1.8 percentage points.


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