Number of registered Migrants decreased by 45 Percent last Year

The Council of Ministers adopted and plans to send to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) the Information of the Ministry of Security on migration in November 2020, when 924 illegal migrants were reported, which is 27 percent less than a month earlier, when 1.263 of them were reported.

According to the data of the Border Police of BiH, 360 persons were detected in illegal crossing or attempted illegal crossing in November, which is 70 percent less than in the same month in 2019, when 1.218 persons were detected.

Out of a total of 845 persons who expressed their intention to apply for asylum in November, only 12 persons submitted a request or 1.4 percent of all people who expressed intentions, as was announced by the Council of Ministers of BiH.

As the data of Service for Foreigners’ Affairs shows, during November 2020, 79 people were deported from BiH, out of which 23 were citizens of Pakistan, 17 citizens of Afghanistan, 12 citizens of Morocco, 9 citizens of Turkey, and 18 citizens of other countries.

In the eleven months of 2020, a total of 15.520 illegal migrants were reported to the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs, which represents a decrease of 45 percent compared to the same period in last year, when a total of 28.213 illegal migrants were reported.

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus during November, 995 people were sent to preventive isolation, and 34 people to symptomatic isolation. Of the 5 people who were tested for coronavirus, 2 were positive.

According to the information of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in BiH, no migrants were hospitalized until November 30, 2020, and there were no deaths from the effects of the coronavirus, as was said in the statement.

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