Number of Passengers at the Sarajevo International Airport decreased



In February, the number of passengers at the Sarajevo International Airport decreased by 2.0 percent, compared to 1,161 less than in the same month a year earlier, Biznis Info reports.

The number of flights decreased by 9.0 percent or 75 less than the same month last year, according to flyingbosnian.blogspot.

As a result of the pandemic of the coronavirus, passenger numbers will decline dramatically in the coming months as many airlines cancel and reduce flights.

Sarajevo Airport registered its busiest January on record by handling 58.397 passengers, representing an increase of 9.2%. This is despite the number of aircraft movements declining 4.3% to 784. The airport said, “Metrics indicate that the records achieved by Sarajevo Airport in the past few years will continue into 2020”, Ex-Yu Aviation news.

On October 26thlast year, Sarajevo International Airport (SIA), the biggest airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), welcomed on Friday its millionth passenger in 2019, SIA stated in the press release the same day.

“The millionth passenger this year was recorded a month and a half earlier than last year,” stated SIA press release, referring to December last year when the millionth passenger was welcomed.

“The Sarajevo International Airport served the first time, four months in a row, over 100,000 passengers,” SIA added.

SIA highlighted another record in the press release, an increase of 28.0 percent of passenger arrivals recorded in June year-on-year.

In the first seven months of this year, 638,663 passengers passed through SIA, a 9.0 percent rise year-on-year.

At the same time, 7,959 aircraft operations were performed, up 3.0 percent year on year.

“We expect a positive business trend with an increasing number of air operations and passengers in the coming period,” said SIA.

This year, seven new destinations have been introduced, including Riyadh, Gassim and Jeddah of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait City of Kuwait, Athens of Greece, Berlin of Germany, and Gothenburg, a city in Sweden.

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