Number of Newborns decreased in Bosnia-Herzegovina by 20 Percent


Due to the low birth rate and the increasing number of departures, the population in Bosnia-Herzegovina is declining year by year. Static data show that the number of newborns has been decreasing for years, and experts from Federation of BiH point out that this is a consequence of the current political and economic crises in our country.

Last year, 17,490 babies were born, down 1,409 from a year earlier when 18,899 were born. Statistics say that 19,824 babies were born in 2017.

Based on the statistical analysis of Adnan Fehratbegovic, it can be concluded that it is the most critical in the Una-Sana, Posavina and Bosnian-Podrinje Cantons, where the number of newborns falls by about 20 percent.

“It could be even more critical in the coming period. I expected this to happen, but not this early. According to the projections I was doing, the decline in newborns was only expected in five years. That is why it is safe to say that it is a drastic and rapid decline,” Fehratbegovic explained for Avaz news portal, adding that we are becoming an older nation. The largest absolute decline was recorded in Sarajevo Canton, which last year had only 536 babies born, and in Tuzla and Una-Sana Cantons. Demographer Amer Osmic explains to “Avaz” that BiH needs a systematic, long-term approach to analyzing both natural growth, departures and returns.

“It is difficult to predict whether the apocalyptic forecasts are accurate or semi-accurate. One of the main factors behind the negative natural increase is the departure of the young population, but the process of independence in BiH is also very important. We are at the top of those who are most slowly becoming independent, later getting married, women about 28, men about 31,”said Osmic.

He adds that state support is needed, which must provide conditions that give a clear indication that it is focused on promoting the importance of the family.

In 2017, 4,856 babies were born in Sarajevo Canton, and after two years that number dropped to 4,320. In Tuzla Canton, the number of newborns was 3,966, and last year it was 3,457. In Una-Sana Canton, the number of births two years ago was 2,057, and last year 1,641.



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