Number of imported Electric Cars in BiH is gradually increasing

Volkswagen e-Golf caravan and three more expensive electric cars were imported in BiH in the first half of the year, as stated by Ratko Kovacevic, the head of the Department of Communications and International Cooperation of the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) BiH.

The price of these four e-vehicles amounted from 26.329 BAM to 54.227 BAM.

Kovacevic noted that the number of imported electric cars in BiH is gradually increasing, but not in some larger number.

Two terminals for charging electric vehicles were put into operation in May in Banja Luka. City authorities noted that these are the first charging terminals for electric vehicles in BiH.

Terminals can be used by domestic drivers, as well as those who are in transit, since they are placed on busy locations.

The City of Banja Luka invested about 40,000 BAM in its infrastructure and permits, while the company “Malbasic” provided chargers.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)

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