Number of Coronavirus Positive People in Bosnia and Herzegovina climbs to 1,049

April 14, 2020 8:45 AM


At the University of Sarajevo Clinical Center, 129 samples were tested for coronavirus overnight, and three were positive, is confirmed to news portal from KCUS.

All the positives cases are from the city of Cazin.

In addition to Cazin, samples from Sarajevo, Bihac, Velika Kladuša, Goražde, Prača, Ključ and Sanski Most were tested. Fortunately, all of them were negative.

There are now 26 people infected with the Coronavirus in Cazin.

The number infected in our country is now 1,049, 206 people recovered and 39 died.

Number of infected by cities and municipalities in BiH:

Banja Luka – 257, Citluk – 84, Mostar – 56, Tuzla – 48, Siroki Brijeg – 48, Sarajevo – 37, Laktasi – 36, Zenica – 29, Konjic – 28, Cazin – 26…


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