Number of Coronavirus Cases rapidly Increasing in BiH

The number of hospitalized due to the coronavirus is rapidly increasing at the University Clinical Center (UCC) in Banja Luka, and currently 40 patients are being treated for Covid 19, said today the general director of this institution, Vlado Dajic.

“In a few days, the numbers have changed abruptly. Currently, four patients are in intensive care, while about ten of them are undergoing oxygen therapy,” Djajic told reporters in Banja Luka.

Djajic stated that the management and staff of the UCC are following the events and are ready for all possible situations, but that everyone expected greater responsibility from the citizens when it comes to immunization.

“Health workers are disappointed because of the poor response of citizens to vaccination, and we once again appeal to everyone to be responsible and to be vaccinated, because that is the only medicine,” Djajic emphasized.

According to him, data on a global level show that out of a hundred deaths from Covid, 19, 99 percent of them are unvaccinated.

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