The Number of Employees in BiH increased in the first Seven Months?

The number of employees in BiH in the first seven months of this year had a tendency of growth, and together with the increase in employment, there was also a decrease in unemployment, which directly affected the decrease in the unemployment rate, according to the director of the Agency for Employment of BiH, Muamer Bandic.

According to the latest data from bureaus and agencies for employment in BiH, there were 485,088 unemployed persons in the records on August 31, 2017, which in comparison to July 31, 2017, represents a decrease of 1,221 persons or 0.25 %.

In comparison to January 2017 when a total of 511,571 unemployed persons were registered, this number was reduced by 26,483 or 5.2 %. There were 520,565 unemployed persons in August 2016, which is by 35,477 or 6.8 % less than in August 2017.

“The registered unemployment rate for July 2017 was 39.4 % and it remained the same from the month of June. If we compare the registered unemployment rate with January 2017 when it was 40.6 %, it was reduced by 1.2 percentage points. When compared to July 2016 (41.6 %), the unemployment rate was decreased by 2.2 percentage points.

According to Bandic, all available data indicate a continuation of the trend of decrease in the unemployment rate, and that indicates recovery of the labor market, an increase in the number of persons in records of employment services and employment bureaus, an increase in the number of employees, and a reduction of benefits users.

Of the total number of people who are looking for employment in August 2017, a total of 262,781 or 54.17 % of them were women. According to administrative data, the gender structure of unemployed persons in August was 54.17 % of women and 45.83 % were men.

According to data from the Agency for Statistics of BiH, the number of employees in legal entities in BiH amounted to 748.1811 persons in July 2017, of which 311.349 were women. Compared to the month of June 2017, the number of employed persons was increased by 0.1 %, and in comparison to January 2017, this number was increased by 11,866 or 1.6 %.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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