Novo Sarajevo Literary Meetings 2013 from 22nd to 24th August

knjige_naocaleThe sixth edition of the international cultural eventsNovo Sarajevo literary meetings 2013″, this year will take place from 22nd to 24th August in Sarajevo and will be organized by the Association for Culture Novo Sarajevo and will bring together a number of authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries of the region in order to enrich the cultural summer life of the city.

This time in the event will participate 86 authors from 15 countries, and will bring the presentation of a series of books, as well as regional literary creativity.

The President of the Association for Culture Novo Sarajevo, Ibrahim Osmanbašić said for Fena that this year’s meetings are specific because in the program will take part a much larger number of participants from other countries than in the previous years.

“We will have guests from 15 countries and the specific is that this time will be much larger number of authors from the neighboring countries such as Croatia, Serbia, and the entire B&H. I would not specifically mention any author because the concept of the meeting is to give to everyone a chance to represent”, said Osmanbašić.

During the event will be presented 20 new books from the Croatian and Serbian authors, but even from B&H, the ones that in the last two years have published a new title.

The central event will be presented by the international literary evening which will take place on 24th August and will mark the presentation of works of the participants out of range” and the participation of numerous local and foreign artists from Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, England, France, Australia, Egypt, Denmark and other countries.

Osmanbašić emphasizes that the selected authors will be awarded with the “Novo Sarajevo feather penin several categories.

“Recognition is awarded on the basis of cooperation, which we achieve with writers. Thus, Dani Bedrač from Slovenia for the category of international literary and cultural cooperation, Asim Bajramović from the U.S. for the category B&H literary Diaspora, while for young authors B&H Jasmin Ibranović”, he concluded.

(Source: Fena)

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