Novo Sarajevo gets a public Electric Car Charging Station

A public electric charging station for vehicles will soon be set up in the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo with the aim of contributing to environmental protection, reducing CO2 emissions, and increasing energy security.

Hasan Tanovic, mayor of Novo Sarajevo, pointed out that the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo continues to introduce innovations and develop environmental awareness in the city and the country, which has a very low level of use of technology that is developing strongly in the world.

“We are one of the first in Canton Sarajevo (CS) to enable our citizens to charge electric vehicles on special chargers in order to promote the use of electric car technology in BiH, which contributes to decarbonization, more precisely reducing emissions of harmful gases and particles,” he added.

”The charging station is a donation from the company “Porsche Inter Auto”, and the director of the company Porsche BH, Senad Olovcic, emphasized that this company is working intensively on the promotion of electromobility, ” it was announced.

“We are following the global strategy of the VW Group, which wants to be completely carbon neutral by 2050. This means that by 2050 we will have zero percent pollution in all phases of vehicle operation, starting from the production process, car driving, but also the recycling process,” he noted.

He also appealed to the competent authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to contribute to these goals by abolishing customs duties on imports of electric vehicles and to stimulate the procurement of electric and hybrid vehicles through differentfunds, as is the case in the European Union (EU) and our region, writes.


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