Novi Grad: Signing Tomorrow of Building Permits for Bauhaus

bauhausThe Mayor of municipality Novi Grad in Sarajevo Semir Efendić will sign building permits for Bauhaus AG on Wednesday, 7 August at 12:00, which would officially complete the process of issuing permits for the construction of the first Bauhaus center in our country, and would open the door for big investments in Novi Grad and in BIH.

Efendić will provide the permits to the Head of the Department for International Expansion Bauhaus AG Helmut Diewalk, announced the Novi Grad Press Office.

“The completion of the project for issuing permits for the construction of the German company Bauhaus, in compliance with legal provisions, in a relatively short period of time we have ended the problem of this municipality, and which we inherited from the previous government. We have opened the doors for large foreign investment in Novi Grad, as well as in BIH. We have created an environment for investment in our municipality and country, and in this way we have shown that our municipality with a market of 140.000 inhabitants is one of the most interesting for investment in the country’’, said Efendić.

The value of the investments to the opening of the Bauhaus Center is around 47 million KM, according to Diewald.

The new center would employ 150 employees.

Due to the delay the planned budget for 2011/2012 and 2013 are directed towards other markets, so that the works on the new facility would begin in Spring 2014, and would be completed in fall of that year and would precede the opening of the Bauhaus Center.

“More than 120.000 products under one roof, in 15.000 specialized departments in the country would bring a whole new range of quality products in the country. Our arrival here is on the trail of a medium-term strategy to be present in the markets of all countries of the former Yugoslavia’’, said Helmut Diewald.

(Source: Fena)

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