What are the Novelties of this year’s Sarajevo Holiday Market?

December 5, 2017 9:30 AM

Preparations for the opening of this year’s Coca-Cola Holiday Market are currently ongoing. The 7th Coca-Cola Holiday Market will take place in Hastahana Park from December 6 to January 13. All citizens, as well as visitors of Sarajevo, will be able to enjoy this winter fairy tale for the entire 39 days.

This year, the Coca-Cola Holiday Market wants to offer something new besides the standard content, such as the Pan Winter Pub tent, which will include different programs. Organizers noted that this year’s goal is to completely revive the exterior part of the Holiday Market.

“This year, we will have an improved luna park, then part with ponies that will be interesting to our children, the Jaffa ice rink on 400 square-meters, as well as the Coca-Cola Village of Santa Claus with 3D visualization, and it will be the most magical part of the Holiday Market,” as announced by Nedim Lipa on behalf of the organizer.

The sponsor of this event is the City of Sarajevo. Mayor Abdulah Skaka stated that events such as the Holiday Market are positioning our country and its capital city on the list of European cities.

“As it is already well known, the City of Sarajevo and Canton Sarajevo are organizing a special New Year’s Eve celebration in cooperation with all four municipalities. This year, the celebration will be taking place for three days and the entire story of Holiday Market completes our winter magic and our attempt to make a real tourist centre from Sarajevo,” stated Mayor Skaka.

There will be a series of concerts, parties, open-air gatherings and award-giving games during the Holiday Market, and a special emphasis will be put on the wishes of our youngest citizens.

(Source: A. B./Klix.ba)


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