Novalic: There will be no more Restrictive Measures and Lockdown

There will be no more restrictive measures and no “lockdown” in the Federation of BiH, said today the Prime Minister of this entity, Fadil Novalic.

Novalic emphasized that the number of newly infected in FBiH is increasing on a daily basis, but that there is no word on locking up and he added that the most important thing is that the existing measures are implemented to the end.

We will not go for more restrictive measures but more flexible measures. We are not going to close, we do not want to use the word closing. We will continue to adopt framework measures, and more specific measures will be adopted by the cantons in accordance with the documents at the level of the Federation of BiH.

Novalic emphasized that the Federation currently has enough vaccines and that it is necessary to vaccinate the population.

We have enough vaccines and we need to get vaccinated. We will ask the cantons to open more vaccination points.

“The school year is starting and we must make additional efforts to preserve the health of children and workers as the school year begins,” the Prime Minister said.

He met with Deputy Prime Ministers, the Federal Minister of Health, the Director of the FBiH Public Health Institute, the Prime Ministers and Ministers of Health of all ten cantons, and the directors of all cantonal public health institutes, BHRT writes.

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