Novalic spoke with Representatives of World Bank about Projects implemented in BiH

Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fadil Novalic held an online meeting today with representatives of the World Bank – Regional Director for the Western Balkans Linda Van Gelder and Head of the World Bank Office in BiH Emanuel Salinas.

At the meeting, dedicated to the implementation of existing projects supported by the World Bank in our country, and the next steps in the direction of negotiations, they also discussed the acceleration of the preparation of agreed new projects.

These are recovery and support projects for companies, improvement of the health system, modernization of water supply and sewerage services, competitiveness and resilience of agriculture, and at the suggestion of Prime Minister Novalic and the mine restructuring program for which the World Bank expressed support at today’s meeting.

As for financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the pandemic, a project approved by the World Bank in December last year, the World Bank said they are very close to completing the ratification process and expected it to become effective in May this year.

At the meeting, information was exchanged on the remaining activities on the project of improving the health system in BiH, worth 75 million dollars, whose goal is to improve the quality of health care and financial sustainability of health systems in our country.

Novalic once again emphasized the importance of these projects for our country, which is supported by the World Bank, and announced a significant intensity of FBiH activities, which primarily contribute to a better health system and help economic recovery and growth.

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